Made By Wes

A Pursuit of Quality Craftsmanship

In 2014 Wes moved from Kansas City to Boston to study Cabinetry & Furniture at the North Bennet Street School. Specializing in building furniture from the 18th and 19th Century he received the Ddora Foundation for “excellence in preserving American Craftsmanship”; graduating in 2016.

Professional Cabinetry and Furniture Maker

Since 2017 Wes has worked out of The Charlestown Furniture Makers Co-Op. Designing and building installations and free-standing furniture for businesses and homes; including furnishing restaurants and bars, kitchen cabinets and counters, dining tables, end tables, and even a custom terrarium for exotic pets!

Hobbyist at Heart

In his free time, Wes enjoys picking up new crafts like leather working and rug tufting. He also finds time for rugby, running, cooking, and tending to his bonsai and ever-growing collection of plants.

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